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Protista — Algae, Protozoa, Slime Molds, and Water Molds

Animated gif of a dinoflagellate moving around using its flagellum
A dinoflagellate in motion. Courtesy of Dinoflagellates by Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France.

Protists are eukaryotic creatures <you-carry-ah-tick>, meaning their DNA is enclosed in a nucleus inside the cell (unlike bacteria, which are prokaryotic <pro-carry-ah-tick> and have no nucleus to enclose their DNA. They’re not plants, animals or fungi, but they act enough like them that scientists believe protists paved the way for the evolution of early plants, animals, and fungi. Protists fall into four general subgroups: unicellular algae, protozoa, slime molds, and water molds.